Catholic Marian School (PS)


State-approved school in private sponsorship of the Archdiocese of Berlin
Espengrund 10
14482 Potsdam Babelsberg
Telefon: 0331-60037130 (7:30-13.30)
(via this address our secondary school can be contacted)

Head: Mrs.Enders
Deputy Head: Mrs Radtke

Since 1722, there were - with few interruptions - Catholic primary schools in Potsdam. The last primary schools, the “Katholische Marienschule” and the Primary School Babelsberg, were dissolved in 1939 by the National Socialists. Since the late 90's, Berlins and Potsdamer parents tried to re-establish the “Marianenschule”. At 08/31/2008, our Archbishop, Cardinal George Sterzinsky, opened with a festive service the Marian School as a primary school and secondary school.
From our Christian self-understanding, the children and adolescents are in the focus of our educational activities.

We want:

  • identify them with their special talents and strengthen them
  • take them with their weaknesses and support and
  • detect their individual needs.

Religion is a regular subject at our school. Days of religious orientation and education divine services are an integral part of school life. Morning circle, independent work in silence, networked teaching and the subject instruction are based on the Marchtaler plan, the structural elements of our educational concept, which takes the person in the focus. These structural elements in interaction enable personality-forming experiences with specific teaching and learning.

Teaching methodology:
Opening lessons to individualization with instructions in networking with weekly schedules and free work. Artistic-aesthetic regulary theater by children for children, focus: musicals, requisits, art exhibitions, project lessons: e.g introduction to self-directed learning, learning how to learn foreign languages: English from grade 3 with additional focus hours exploration hour: exploratory learning from class 1, schools library:

Media: Computer, Internet access, media competence

All day care: Hort carrier: Malteserwerke
Manager: Mrs Lahr-Eigen
Phone: 0331-50586018
After school care 13.30 to17.30
School fees since 1. Januar 2010
45,00 Euro per month: primary school
75,00 Euro Gymnasium
We need friends and have:
Independent schools need friends and supporters. The support association of the Marianenschule founded in the early 90s. Thanks to it, the school exists today.
Chairman: Mr. Nowak
Vice: Mrs. Katerbau