Käthe-Kollwitz Secondary School (13)

Secondary schools

Clara-Zetkin-Straße 11
14471 Potsdam

Phone: 0331- 2897820
Fax: 0331-2897821
Headmaster: Mr. Lindner
Deputy Head: Mrs. Wölfert

Education offers
1st foreign language: English
2nd foreign language: French, Russian *)

Obligatory subject from year 7:
2nd foreign language
Natural sciences
Working Study - computer science
- Technology
- Economy


  • The relatively small number of students allows a high level of individuality in learning and living together.
  • Classes are held in the classroom.
  • A solid computer education for all pupils in two modern computer cabinets, in all subjects and areas will be ensured (50 networked computers, and internet access).
  • For interested students free Internet access in the afternoon is possible.
  • The internships take place in class 9 and 10.
  • Offerings in the subject LER (ethic) and religious teaching
  • The urban open competition "Potsdam pupil art calendar" is managed and organized by the school. At the same time, a private art school calendar is designed and produced.
  • The school participated successfully in the countrywide energy saving project "Bright school".
  • In the EEC's Eco-school program as well as in the project "Sun at School" The school collaborates with the Fraunhofer Institute in Freiburg (solar energy systems).
  • School highlights, as school festival, performance comparisons and competitions in sports, mathematics, literature and foreign languages are constant traditions.
  • There are strong connections to economy associations and institutions for vocational counselling.
  • The food supply is ensured.
  • School trips, hiking excursions individually organized.
  • Offer of a variety of working groups.