Active School Potsdam Rappelkiste

Primary schools

Contact: Mrs. König/ Mr. Pötzsch

The Active School Potsdam grew out the desire to keep children their curiosity and joy of learning - as a continuation of the educational work in the school-associated kindergarten. There children deal with their environment by their own tasks on their own initiative, practice familiar acts as long as they find pleasure in it. Living by their own rhythm, spontaneously, they are constantly gathering new questions where they toss around until they get satisfied. They are living in their own pace, feeling their needs for comfort or movement.
Until the end of primary school, we want to teach children self-determined learning in our school, without division into classes, without grades, testing and teaching. Children don’t get taught anything. The teacher serves as a resource and is not a person who gives knowledge without being asked. The acquisition of knowledge is initialised by curiosity and the joy of doing their own activities. By the active and independent examination of the environment, structures of comprehension are built. Therefore kids will find and use an extensively prepared environment, regular offers and special project days.

Parents who choose our school, should have confidence in their children for self-determined and independent learning. Since 2004, there is a growing cross-school group (6-11 years), currently with 36 children (in 2009).

After-school care for children of the „Aktive-Schule“ Potsdam
Name of the Nursery: Kita „Rappelkiste“ Phone: 0331-2733035
Liefelds Grund 23 - 25, 14478 Potsdam
Nursery support: Parents 'Association “Kinderladen Rappelkiste” e.V. Phone: 0331- 2733034
Liefelds Grund 23 - 25, 14478 Potsdam