Primary schools

Gutenbergstraße 67
14467 Potsdam

Phone: 0331-2897560
Fax: 0331-2897561

Headmistress: Andrea Wagner
Deputy Head: Martina Faust

Education offers:

  • Contact-Language English Class 1/2
  • First foreign language English from Class 3
  • Learning of the chess-game in Class 2 (mandatory)
  • Extended foreign language teaching from grade 4 with bilingual teaching phases
  • A variety of different offers
  • Promoting mathematically talented children from Class 2

Working Groups

Computer courses in a separate computer room with internet. Chess, Judo by UJKC Potsdam, theatre - Bili-Club, school newspaper, needlework, wood-working, courses at the “Freie Musik Schule” Potsdam in our house.


  • Our house is a traditional school site since 1900 with an old brick building, including a gym and a separate school for our little children, in which is also situated a child care center.
  • We are a two stream primary school
  • Even before enrolement, learning and playing mornings take place for future school beginners so that children can already learn about the school building, teachers, educators and future classmates.
  • School lunch and milk supply by the company BlauArt-Catering

By the “Fröbel”-nursery "Sonnenschein" a particularly dedicated school afternoon care takes place on our ground

  • The 2nd classes are learning the chess game in special lessons.
  • Differentiation in classes 5 and 6, for example in the fields of biology, physical preschool, art, school newspaper, computer, act and play in English, depending on the school years offers.
  • Protestant and Catholic religious teaching in the house
  • Support by a dedicated development association.

Regular highlights

  • Music, sports and reading competitions
  • Project days on various topics
  • Schoolyard Festival (every two years)
  • Carol singing, Christmas program (even in retirement homes)
  • Hiking days/excursions/projects, class trips
  • Cooperation with the University of Potsdam
  • Close cooperation with the Hermann von Helmholtz-Gymnasium Potsdam in the context of promotion of the gifted children, chess
  • Cooperation with the Protestant Johannesstift Berlin concerning the project „Kulturpiloten“

After-school care for children of the Eisenhart-School (24)

Nursery Name: Hort "Sonnenschein" Phone: 0331-2708519
Kurfürstenstr. 51, 14467 Potsdam
Nursery Sponsor: Froebel gGmbH Potsdam Phone: 0331-9678050
Hebbelstr. 28, 14469 Potsdam
Other child care for children of primary school age (AKI):
Malteser Treffpunkt Freizeit Phone: 0331-50586010
Am Neuen Garten 64, 14469 Potsdam