Goethe Primary School Potsdam-Babelsberg

Primary schools

Stephensonstraße 1
14482 Potsdam

Phone: 0331-2898050
Fax: 0331-2898051
Headmistress: Anja Thomaschewski
e-mail: info@goethe-grundschule-potsdam.de
twopart primary school with open all day offers and after-school care in the school building.

Working Groups
variety of athletic, cultural and handicraft offers by the school, after-school care and external partners for all pupils from classes 1 to 6 - including judo, swimming, capoeira, soccer, dance, yoga, chess, flute, choir, rhythm, French, English, poetry and thinking (Goethe), experimentation, video and ceramics

Special features

  • traditional Potsdam primary school in a historical and restored brick building with a newly shaped and spacious yard, a newly built cafeteria, a newly built nursery and rest garden with a playground, climbing wall, tire swing and slide, a renovated landmarked gymnasium with a modern extension, a basketball court and soccer field in the nearby outdoor area.
  • French as first foreign language (encounter language) from class 1 with associated exchange program for French guest teachers. Internet-based and - later - real encounters with French pupils at a partner school in Versailles (une Porte de France in Potsdam)
  • Dedicated to the ideals and the human image of German classicism and to its namesake, this cultural school is committed to respectful communication among all parties involved. Intense charitable and social commitment of the school's association and the ‘Senior Partner in School e. V.’ and various partnerships with cultural institutions in Berlin and Potsdam (Potsdam Kammerakademie, Hans-Otto-Theater, Lindenpark Potsdam, Haus der kleinen Forscher, etc.)
  • Multimedia didactics by the branch office of the municipal library in a related building of the school campus (secondary school) and internet-enabled media center in our house
  • Individual support programs for pupils of all classes and intensive preparations for the future first-graders by an optional half-year preschool
  • Systematic preventive health care by versatile sporty afternoon activities in cooperation with various sports clubs and an ecological food supply
  • Close cooperation with the secondary school located on the same site

After School care for children of primary school

Nursery Goethe Kids
Stephensonstraße 1
14482 Potsdam

Phone: 0331-7400527
Fax: 0331-7400528
Nursery director Mrs. Münster
e-mail: goethekids-pdm@jus-or.de

Hort carrier: Jugend und Sozialwerk gGmbH
Mühlenfeld 12
16515 Oranienburg