New Primary School Potsdam

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State-approved alternative school

All-Day offers

Flotowstraße 10
14480 Potsdam
Phone: 0331-20029766
Fax No: 0331-20029767

Headmistress: Mrs. Wenke Funke
Deputy Head: Mrs. Kerstin Rosenthal

Education offers
Our educational program meets in its organizational and substantive presentation the guideline of the Brandenburg Schools Act. The bilingual education program extends in its offer an early foreign language education. Already in grade1, the children are learning English within 3 additional hours per week (in mathematics, general studies, music, they are communicating in the targeted language).

Special features
Foreign language training
English as a "second mother tongue" from class 1 in the bilingual education program, optional another foreign language (French or Spanish) from class 3

Learning in projects
In the form of project work and project weeks not just the content of education will be taught in interdisciplinary contexts, but also the development of competence, self-initiated and self-employed, learning as a team.

Supervised individual study
In small classes of 20 pupils, we create differentiated learning opportunities using different and diverse teaching methods. In the extra-curricular field, the offer for learning counselling in small groups helps compensating deficits and promoting special talents.

All-day care
Within our all day school care, we daily offer from 6:00 to 18:00 education and leisure that are connected age-appropriate in order to match the developmental needs.

Various clubs such as break dancing, karate, guitar, sewing, science, chess, English theatre, cooking, etc.
Create a connection between gaming and learning, encouraging the development of interests, skills and talents of the children. In the homework supervision, the teaching material accompanying the pre-and post exercises can be made under the supervision of an educator. Therefore we provide workstations and create appropriate conditions that support children in completing their homework.

School care for children of the New Primary School Potsdam
Nursery Name: Hort "Flotowkids“ Phone: 0331-20029765
Flotowstr. 10, 14480 Potsdam
Nursery carrier: ASG Anerkannte Schulgesellschaft mbH Phone.: 03733-426740
Lessingstr. 2, 09456 Annaberg/Buchholz