Primary School „Am Pappelhain“ (36/45)

Primary schools

All-Day care offer (OF)
Galileistraße 8
14480 Potsdam
Phone: 0331-2897720
Fax: 0331-2897721

Headmaster: Gerald Schneider
Deputy Head: Gabriele Öhm
School profile/General principle

Learning to learn by
1. a comprehensive development of skills
2. the encouragement of sporting activities and artistic creativity
3. the emergence of a vigilant environmental awareness
4. a specific social and health educationional and primary prevention
5. a wide variety of inclusive education.

developed by a long-term and reliable teaching staff

  • integrative teaching introduction as well as an inclusive teaching phase up to class 6 with 66 hours in special education focused on learning, language, hearing
  • Computer cabinet and media offers
  • focus point computer from class 4
  • open learning offers in all grades
  • individual learning time from Monday - Thursday 13:00 - 15:00
  • open all-day offers:
  • French, children's dance ensemble, sports, taekwondo, chess, tambour-club
  • puppetry, soccer, watercolor painting, table tennis, moderators, badminton, handmade

Special Activities

  • olympiads and contests: Mathematics, English, reading competition, MAZ relay race high jump with music, "join in - do it yourself - do it better," literary contest, street soccer world cup, children's film project
  • School year highlights: enrolement, halloween parade in residential area, christmas market with carol singing, school carnival, themed school celebration
  • cooperation with: SC-Potsdam, district library Am Stern, Tambour-Club 1925 e.V., StIBB e.V.-Kindertreff, Leibniz-Gymnasium, Kita "Pfiffikus," "Sternschnuppe" , "Sternchen"
  • Special rooms: 2 English, 1 music, 2 art, 1 work-technology-handmade, a computer cabinet 1 sociology, 1 science, a geography, 1 dance room, gymnasium with soccer field, „media islands“ in many classrooms, integration areas, spaces for differentiation, multimedia room
  • Since 1991, the association for the promotion of the 45. Schule is working very successfully.
  • For years, a close and trusting relationship exists to our parents.
  • Planned: Open days in the registration period for learning beginners
  • Complete renovation of the school site to 2010/2011 (buildings and playground)
  • After-school care for children of the primary school Am Pappelhain (36/45)

Nursery Name: Kita "Pfiffikus" Phone: 0331-622131
Pietschkerstr. 14 - 16, 14480 Potsdam
Hort carrier: AWO Children and Youth Services gGmbH Potsdam Phone: 0331-581480
Schopenhauerstr. 31/32, 14467 Potsdam

Nursery Name: Integration Kita "Sternschnuppe" Phone: 0331-623004
Max-Born-Str. 19 - 21, 14480 Potsdam
Hort carrier: AWO Kinder- und Jugendhilfe Potsdam gGmbH Phone.: 0331-581480
Schopenhauerstr. 31/32, 14467 Potsdam
Nursery Name: Kita "Sternchen" Phone: 0331-619931
Ziolkowskistr. 47/49, 14480 Potsdam
Hort carrier: Froebel gGmbH Potsdam Phone: 0331-9678050
Hebbelstr. 28, 14469 Potsdam

Other child care for children of primary school age (AKI):
Kindertreff Am Stern Phone: 0331-618068
Johannes-Kepler-Platz 3, 14480 Potsdam
Nursery – "Die Buntstifte" Phone: 0331-611119
Steinstraße 104 - 106, 14480 Potsdam