Primary School „Am Priesterweg“ (20)

Primary schools

All-day care (OF)

Address: Oskar–Meßter–Str. 4-6
14480 Potsdam
Phone: 0331-2897500
Fax: 0331-2897501

Headmistress: Elvira Eichelbaum
Deputy Head: Katrin Birnbach

Educational Offerings

  • Contact Language English and French from Grade 1
  • Foreign Language English from Class 3
  • Consulting base for gifted children in cooperation with the Humboldt-Gymnasium Potsdam
  • Learning circles for gifted pupils
  • Various all-day offerings until 15:30
  • Cooking and baking courses
  • Family Program „FUN“
  • Religious education
  • Development of the primary school to district school

Topics for courses of interest of the 5th and 6 Classes:
Presentation and design, sound workshop, moving and music, exciting storys, romans and greeks, chess, multimedia, healty food

Working groups
Environmental habitats for plants and animals, computer, mathematical puzzles,
theatre, student newspaper, painting and graphic art, basketball, French, Gods of the Ancient working group
Young Gardeners, rabbit breeding, chess, photography, basic computer course
Puzzle Workshop, baking, athletics, football, dance, choir, crossing guard training, literature and listening clubs, art workshops, dragon boat, French and others

Special features - learning in various learning spaces

  • age-appropriate development of environmental awareness - school garden
  • teaching learning strategies
  • Reading encouragement - School Library
  • Health support: eventful school break, milk supply, conflict mediation and professional advice
  • Animal Welfare
  • educational lunch

To meet these demands, we design different learning situations in special rooms, theatre room, library and outdoor learning places, which were created or built by the children in project weeks and are now being used by them, such as habitats, rabbit breeds in outdoor enclosure, school garden beds, lawn, trees, dry wall, trees, composting plant and insect hotel, dry wall, clay oven, etc.
Renovation of the gym is completed- initiation in September 2010
Restoration of the school building during the school year 2011 / 2012
Milk supply, breakfast and lunch menu

Learning with head, heart and hand
Pestalozzi shaped the principle of "learning with head, heart and hand" to advocate a holistic approach to learning. We consider this fact extensively in our teaching. A creative atmosphere and a dedicated team of teachers offer children learning opportunities and individual performance-based support. Pupils with special educational needs or a mother tongue other than German, moving and gifted children, will be supported individually. Traditional spring and fall cleaning actions, singing during Advent and Christmas market in school, funny carnival partys, school and sports events, parent regulars table and parent-teacher days, parents’’café.

SIS (seniors in schools), University of Potsdam, Sterncenter, SC Potsdam and kid's clubs, day nurseries and day care centers in Drewitz and Kirchsteigfeld, Brandenburgische Automobil GmbH, alliance representative Gaede, music school Bertheau & Morgenstern, music school Fröhlich, Verkehrswacht (Road Safety), Development Association Friends of the primary school Am Priesterweg, school social worker Mrs. Kokert, AWO and „Spirellibande“, STIBB and children's meeting, city office and local churches, Protestant Children's Fund ARCHE, Mrs Saupe as an expert on healthy eating, ALBA Berlin, PRO Potsdam, Potsdam Chamber Academy.

After-school care for children of teh primary school Am Priesterweg (20)
Nursery Name: Kita "Benjamin Blümchen" Phone: 0331-622108
Robert Baberske-Str. 6 / 8, 14480 Potsdam
Hort carrier: Froebel gGmbH Potsdam Phone: 0331-9678050
Hebbelstr. 28, 14469 Potsdam
Nursery Name: Kita "Märchenland" Phone: 0331-624197
Paul Wegener Str. 2 - 4, 14480 Potsdam
Day Nursery agency: Internationaler Bund Phone: 030-2185605
Skalitzer Str. 36, 10999 Berlin
peter.große @
Nursery Name: Kita "Storchennest" Phone: 0331-60060170
Gunther-Simon-Str. 2 - 4, 14480 Potsdam
Nursery carrier: IL Kinder- und Jugendhilfeeinrichtungen in Potsdam gGmbH
Günter-Simon-Str. 2 - 4, 14480 Potsdam Phone: 0331-60060170
Other child care for children of primary school age (AKI):
Kinderclub Club Junior Phone: 0331-625896
Robert Baberske-Str. 6 / 8, 14480 Potsdam
Kinderhilfswerk Arche Phone: 0331-64746520