Primary School Hanna von Pestalozza (6)

Primary schools

Location/ structural conditions

Our school is situated in the countryside and it`s surrounded by the two lakes Glienicker See and Sacrower See.
In 1998 a new double- streamed primary school was built in this idyllic setting. In September 2003 we were able to take possession of a modern one_field gym. Two years later we got additional run- and jump sports facilities and an all- weather sports field. Since the school year 2007/8 we have been a reliable half- day primary school.
In April 2010 we got an extended building with additional space for classrooms and for a variety of attractive afternoon activities. We (that means, the school and our most important partner, the nursery “Traumzauberbaum”) are proud of our PC- room, our media- room, our relaxation room, our theatre room, the newly equipped library, two rooms for creative use, a training kitchen and our assembly hall.
Since the beginning of the school year 2010/11 daily meals with two choices for lunch with fresh ingredients have been prepared in the school kitchen.

Educational offers

  • Contact language, first foreign language English
  • Basic PC training (qualification with certificate)
  • Project” Learning to learn” (yearly in all classes, expanding in higher classes)
  • Differentiated instructions in addition to the lessons to support pupils`individual learning time in classes 1-4 and additional learning activities for classes 5/6 in the main subjects
  • Special education services in the fields of learning, language and behavior
  • Playful support in the afternoons by educators and reading mentors

We put the main emphasis on:

  • Profile ”School in motion”
  • Various and different offers of group work for our pupils from Tuesday to Thursday until 15.30
  • Class and school highlights as fixed traditions around the school year
  • Participation in many contests and sports competitions
  • Creative theatre projects in all our classes
  • Active support from our association of sponsors
  • Fresh milk offers, organized by our pupils`company