Primary School at Humboldt Ring

Primary schools

UNESCO – Project School

Humboldtring 15-17
14473 Potsdam
Phone: 0331-2897760
Fax: 0331-2897761
Headmistress: Marion Lüdtke

Deputy Head: Matthias Klocke

Think globally - act locally
Our primary school is an accepted UNESCO project school. The work is based on the principles for cooperation in the school project of the German UNESCO-Commission.
We support - on the basis of the recommendation of the 18th General UNESCO Conference in 1974 on education for international understanding and cooperation - in our school actively the objectives of UNESCO. We orientate our school life in and outside the classes in a special way to international understanding and intercultural learning. We assume that an understanding of other people and cultures is desirable and possible, that the understanding of the own culture is thereby growing and that a better future can be achieved in a peaceful world through joint actions.

with all senses, with different materials, by active actions, by project work in a playful way, reading school.

UNESCO school projects
Local Agenda 21
Eco-Smart program
Children's rights
World Heritage and seasonal projects
Leo project in class 1 and 2
Help for the Potsdam soup kitchen
Odyssey of the mind
School and on school sports competitions
Water generation project
Action day's work

Living together in pluralistical and cultural diversity
Coexistence in pluralistic and cultural diversity
Experience of social interaction
Learning conflict management
Teaching social values
Handle everyday situations
Obtain self-reliance
Individual approach to each child
Taking into account the interests of the children
Facing foreign languages from Grade 1
Joyful and open forms of education
Integration and acceptance of all children
Specialized cabinets
Music, technics, computer, physics, art, natural and social sciences,
library, gymnasium, sports field, language teaching in the House

Dance, media, music band, computer, environment, energy-saving team, art, sports, cooking and baking, school newspaper

Cooperation partners
UNI Potsdam, Music School Fröhlich, nursery, public utilities Potsdam, girls club "Zimtzicken", youth club “El Centro”

Lunch will be offered at school and in the nursery. Two special education teachers are working in our school with children with speech disorders. We participate in the pilot project "Inklusive Schule". The integration of foreign language pupils in mainstream classes is accompanied with additional support lessons that can also apply to other pupils with learning disbabilities.
The Founding Association actively supports our projects.

Nursery for children of Primary School at Humboldt Ring (37)
Nursery Name: Kita "Sausewind" Phone: 0331-705031
Lotte Pulewka-Str. 5 - 7, 14473 Potsdam
Nursery carrier: Froebel gGmbH Potsdam Phone: 0331-9678050
Hebbelstr. 28, 14469 Potsdam