Primary School "Im Kirchsteigfeld" (56)

Primary schools

Address: Lise-Meitner-Straße 4-6
Phone: 0331 289-7800
Fax: 0331 289-7801

Headmaster: Mrs Gudrun Klewitz
Deputy: Mrs Heike Kroner

Details of Education Provided

Basic Information

  • The school opened in 1995; there is an After School Club in the immediate neighbourhood.
  • We offer a friendly and welcoming environment.
  • Classrooms are furnished in a way that facilitates individual, paired and group work.
  • We have the following facilities: modern sports hall, substantial school grounds with a school garden and pond, computer room, teaching kitchen, ‘foxes den’ (for clever foxes), media café, a large canteen and a relaxation room.

Staffing Information

  • 370 pupils in 17 classes
  • A highly motivated education team consisting of: 24 primary school teachers, 3 educational specialists, 9 probationary teachers and 6 grandparent readers.

Flexible Entrance Phase (FLEX)

  • Inclusion of all children without exception
  • Support for early school admission
  • Length of time spent in the entrance phase ranges from 1 to 3 years depending on the individual child
  • Directed, group-specific support for more and less able pupils
  • Learning in 6 mixed year 1 / 2 classes
  • Individualised learning culture, principles and methods of open and flexible lessons used, structured daily routine, social education.

Avoidance of special educational statement procedure in the areas of learning, behaviour and language as well as special diagnostic learning observations through use of multi-professional teams.

Special Features

  • integration of handicapped children into general lessons
  • Flex Class teachers also qualified to teach in classes 3 to 6
  • Challenge and Support: diverse opportunities for support (including: help for those with difficulties in reading and writing or arithmetic, special support for children who excel in particular areas of learning, French, motor skills etc)
  • Children from different year groups work together in groups on areas of aesthetics (music/ art) including: macramé, woodwork, percussion, music and movement, plastic modelling, choir, graphics, guitar lessons etc. These classes change every 6 months.
  • A variety of teaching methods and lesson formats are used, work follows weekly plans.
  • Religious education (evangelical) for all pupils who choose this subject.

New timetable

  • Before we start our lessons we have 30 minutes reading time.
  • Pupils read different books (appropriate to their knowledge) and get plans to work with them.
  • Sometimes they have own books or we read out books for them.

After School Care for Children who attend Primary School ‘Im Kirchsteigfeld’ (56)

After-school care centre: Kita “Feldmäuse”
Marie-Hannemann-Str. und Lise-Meitner-Str. 4-6
Phone: 0331 60060322