Primary School Ludwig Renn

Primary schools

Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 15a
14469 Potsdam-Eiche
Phone: 0331 2897400
Fax: 0331 2897401

Headteacher: Theodora Fessel
Deputy Headteacher: Jacqueline Steffen

Building and Location

  • In the countryside, on the edge of the so-called „School Hill“
  • The school building which is being modernized and extended (completion in August 2012), with a gymnasium, outdoor sports facilities and the “Dwarf House” (After School Day Care from August 2012), is situated on an area of 8.000m² in total.
  • One can expect modern classrooms for art, music, biology/physics, WAT (economics, work and technology)
  • School library, computer lab, recreation/quiet room
  • Modern home economics classroom
  • Many group rooms to support individual work and to create a relaxed environment for the pupils
  • Rooms for special education and diagnostic support
  • Large dining room/auditorium with stage


  • From class one English using the SMILE approach
  • English as a foreign language from class 3
  • Performance differentiation in German, English and maths in classes 5 and 6
  • various disposition differentiation in classes 5 and 6
  • first lessons in the style of the ‘Kieler Leseaufbau’ in class 1


  • Since 1997 member of the "Network of Health Promoting Schools" (monthly healthy breakfast, recreation music, barrels with games during recreation.
  • Has successfully participated in the energy saving programme "Öko Smart" since 1998
  • Successful participation in the annual environmental days of Potsdam
  • Highlights of the school year include autumn fete, summer school fete, Activities and Health Day
  • Years of successful participation in sports competitions of the city
  • Wide range of afternoon activities such as school clubs and courses (with fee) (creative arts, sports, soccer, volleyball, recorder, dance group, drums, English club ...)
  • Registered center for the Trinity College London Exams since 2007, possibility to receive an internationally accredited English certificate

Very active participation of the Parents’ and Friends’ association and Parent Council

Close cooperation with the town council, local youth club of Golm, the Fire department of Eiche, Music School Fröhlich, University Potsdam, the Police station North and other partners

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After School Day Care

for the children of the Ludwig Renn Primary School
Name of the After School Day Care: Turmspatzen
Institution of the After School Day Care: AWO