Protestant Primary School Potsdam

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All day educational offers and FLEX

Große Weinmeisterstraße 49
14469 Potsdam 14469

Phone: 0331-2803660
Fax: 0331-2803666
Headmistress: Mrs. Völker
Deputy Head: Mr. Utpatel

Guiding principle of our educational work is the belief that all children want to learn and have creative gifts. Our school aims to provide a place where they develop further these gifts and their pleasure in learning and where they can make new experiences. Our goal is to offer children hope and confidence for their future. On the basis of freedom, tolerance and humanity, the sensitivity and responsibility to themselves, to other people and the environment shall be promoted. Our work is supported by the strength and confidence that comes from the Christian point of view of humans and the world.

Our educational concept includes

  • cross-vintage learning groups
  • rhythmic daily, weekly and annual procedures
  • projects
  • protestant religious education
  • different offers available in music, sport and arts
  • all-day offers from 7:15 to max. 17:00

Informations to the Protestant Primary School in brief:

  • founded 1998 by the Protestant School Association Potsdam
  • school sponsor Hoffbauer gGmbH, Potsdam Hermannswerder (
  • all-day primary school in extensive form
  • located in a former generals widow home ("Rotes Haus") on the site of the Evangelical Church and a nearby building in the Leistikowstraße ("Gelbes Haus") near the „Neuer Garten“.
  • Legal status: state approved alternative school.
  • The school has two streams. The maximum group size is 25 children. The amount of school fees depends on the family income.
  • Opening times: The protestant primary school, in combination with the recreational area provides care from 7:15 - 17:00.

For more information about our educational profile, see: