Rainbow School Fahrland

Primary schools

Ketziner Str. 31c
14476 Potsdam OT Fahrland
Tel.: 033208 50260
Fax: 033208 50260

Headmaster: Christel Arnhold
Representative: Heike Kober

Offers of education

  • Foreign language: English from Year One
  • Differentiation in Years 5/6 in Mathematics, German, English
  • Religious Education (evangelical) in Year 5/6

School traditions

  • Project days
  • Participation in the Kangaroo Competition
  • Annual School Fair
  • Participation in the harvest festival in Fahrland
  • Carol singing
  • Sports day
  • Events with our partner the fruit-growing company ”Obstgut Fahrland”
  • Reading competition
  • Participation in the Mathematics competition
  • Excursions, class trips, hiking days
  • Runs for charity
  • Participation in the MAZ newspaper relay race
  • Sports competitions with the school in Groß Glienicke

From November we offer a weekly course for the coming class 1 pupils.


  • Low number of pupils in one class guarantees a high individuality of learning and living together in class
  • Science lessons in special rooms
  • computer science lessons on internet capable into a network integrated computers
  • Pedagogical care for pupils with need of special help
  • Pupils’ kitchen with modern equipment
  • Gymnasium and sports ground on the school area
  • Big handicrafts room, dancing room, modern rooms for after school care
  • Library

Day offers

  • Lessons in the morning
  • Close cooperation with the after school care people
  • Lunch and looked after play time
  • Individual learning time in small groups
  • Looked after homework time by teachers in cooperation with the after school day care people
  • A great variety of free time offers ( according to the age)

Aerobics, football, dance, all sports club, cooking club, drawing club, French, Children’s church, melodic, music school, song group, English theatre, young reporters, school chronicle, archery club, needlework, computer club, discover the world, photography, flowers and herbs, we play music, dancing groups,
After school care for the pupils of the Rainbow School Fahrland (7)
Name of the after school care centre: Hort Fahrland Tel.: 033208 50357
OT Fahrland, Ketziner Str. 31 c, 14476 Potsdam
After school care provider: „ Treffpunkt Fahrland“ e.V. Tel.: 033208 50357
OT Fahrland, Ketziner Str. 20