School at Griebnitzsee (33)

Primary schools

Address: 14 b Domstraße
14482 Potsdam

Phone: 0331 289-7650 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting
Fax: 0331 289-7651

Headmistress: Ellen Dahms
Deputy Headmaster: Matthias Hoch

School fundamentals

  • School is situated in natural surroundings
  • Large school yard
  • Modern sports facilities
  • a choice of 3 meals at lunch time (one of which is a healthy bio-alternative) and the possibility of ordering milk for the first morning break
  • Computer lab with 12 workstations and Internet access
  • Classrooms for specialized subjects
  • a large room for music and theatre projects

School profile
The school has an artistic-aesthetic profile:

  • Guides the students towards an appreciation of the aesthetics in each subject – makes crossovers between subjects through projects (stone-age-project)
  • we believe in a pleasant learning and social atmosphere
  • all the children from primary 3 onwards begin to learn to play a musical instrument
  • Successful school choir, open to all children
  • long term project "reading, painting, playing music" supported by parent association group
  • attractive offerings in science, languages and sport such as laboratories under the direction of the Exploratorium in Potsdam
  • Participation in the project "Hands for Kids - Democracy for Kids” that encourages active engagement in a political process from children at an early age

Year highlights

  • themed project weeks, a school festival every 2 years, a parent association group inspired celebration
  • A Reading day with reading competition from year 1
  • musician competition
  • English comprehension competition in class 5 and 6 (“The big challenge”)
  • Mathematic competition open to grade 3 and onwards, participation in the Kangaroo Mathematic competition for interested students
  • Carol singing in the Friedrichskirche
  • Open days and opportunities to visit lessons by appointment
  • School trips starting at grade 3
  • Successful participation in inter-school sports events

Miscellaneous Extras

  • High educational standards and additional learning support
  • Integration of children with special needs
  • support for pupils with specific learning disabilities and highly talented children
  • a flourishing parent association group
  • 50% of our children attend religious lessons (Catholic or Protestant)
  • Our school building is at present being renovated. From 2012 we will be able to use the building again.

Football / Hockey / Volleyball / Choir / Chess
After-school care for children of school at Griebnitzsee (33)

Hortname: Kindervilla am Griebnitzsee Tel.: 0331 707988
Karl-Marx-Str. 1, 14482 Potsdam
Hortträger: Jugend und Sozialwerk gGmbH Tel.: 03301 834116
Mühlenfeld 12, 16515 Oranienburg

Hortname: Schüleroase „Nimmerland““ Tel.: 0331 705053
Karl-Marx-Str. 69/72, 14482 Potsdam
Hortträger: Elternverein „Zwergenland“ e.V. Tel.: 0331 705053
Karl-Marx-Str. 69, 14482 Potsdam
Hortname: Alternative Hortbetreuung (AKI) für Kinder ab Klasse 4 Tel.: 0331 2897658
Domstraße 14 b, 14482 Potsdam
Hortträger: Elternverein „Zwergenland“ e.V. Tel.: 0331 705053
Karl-Marx-Str. 69, 14482 Potsdam

Hortname: Babelsberger Kindertraum Tel.: 0331 7475330
Otto-Erich-Straße 11/13, 14482 Potsdam
Hortträger: MUG Brandenburg e.V. Tel.: 03332 411848
Passower Chaussee 16, 16303 Schwedt