Waldstadt Primary School (27)

Primary schools

Open School with a lot of clubs and FLEX
address: Friedrich-Wolf-Straße 12
14478 Potsdam

telephone: 0331 289-7630
fax: 0331 289-7631
headmaster: Ute Gehrmann
deputy headmaster: Dirk Krüger

Special offers for education:
foreign language: Englisch
FLEX- means class 1+2 learn together (flexible reception class)
all day open school
We use different forms of teaching:

  • Learning in pair work
  • Learning with weekly schedule
  • learn in workshops
  • learn at other places apart the school-building
  • learn with environmental aspects

specialities at school:

  • well-equipped classrooms with modern furniture and gears
  • big and beautiful schoolbuilding with a schoolgarden
  • collaboration with after-school-care-club
  • offering milk+lunch for our pupils
  • support every pupil to develop their individual skills
  • homework-room with care and assistance from Monday to Thursday
  • projects about environmental topics
  • awarded as “Enviromental School in Europe”
  • supported by a beneficial society
  • partnership with the St. George´s School in Windsor and pupils´ exchange
  • various clubs for learning the English language
  • going on class trips, having farewell parties and many other highlights at school
  • awarded as “Agenda School”
  • learn and teach in double periods ( 90 minutes) and long breaks between the lessons
  • participation at the Comenius Project with other European Schools

different clubs at school:

pottery, PE, dancing, play the guitar, English, computer, football, choir, chess, acting, needle and yarn, workshop, schoolgarden, climbing, hockey, wrestling make soap boxes, ethic club

We are supported and aided by many partners and volunteers who help to organizing these activities:

  • staff of library - bank
  • staff of music school - youth club
  • policemen in our area - kindergarden
  • pensioners - sport club from the waldstadt area

After the last lesson the boys and girls can stay at school in the after-school care club. Parents have to pay for it.

name: Hort der Waldstadt-Grundschule “Rasselbande” Tel.: 0331 810037
Friedrich-Wolf-Straße 12, 14478 Potsdam und
This is in the hand of the charity organisation AWO.
AWO Kinder- und Jugendhilfe Potsdam gGmbH Tel.: 0331 581480
Schopenhauerstraße 31/32
14467 Potsdam