Weidenhof-Primary School (40)

Primary schools

All Day offers (OF)

Schilfhof 29
14478 Potsdam
Phone: 0331-2897280
Fax: 0331-2897281
e-mail: WHGS40@t-online.de

Headmaster: Martin Burkhardt
Deputy Head: Ilona Röber

Education offers
Contact language: English from class 1
1st foreign language: English from class 3
Performance differentiation: new media (computer), German (Young Reporters)
Science / Technology / Working Groups:
Library, computer, new media, mathematics for the interested and gifted pupils, school garden, cooking and baking, artistic work groups such as dance, literature/ theatre, art, photography, sports associations, such as, soccer, judo, fitness, after-school sports, music school (melodica, accordion)


  • All-day school (full-time offers in the open form)
  • Nursery (Froebel e.V.) in the house
  • Food supply, homework support
  • 2006 reconstructed own gym, tartan-sports court, large schoolyard with lots of new green areas
  • Well-equipped special class rooms (biology/physics, geography/history, art, English, music, economics, labor and technology)
  • Media cabinet with internet access
  • School library and reading room
  • Support for our pupils by school social worker
  • Priorities of the school program, both in artistic, music and sports category groups as well as environmental education
  • Use of the “Integration Garden Schlaatz” for the working group ‘school garden’
  • Participation in the energy saving project "Eco-EEC program"
  • Award 2003 as "Moving Primary School"
  • Title "School without Racism" 2008
  • Traditional highlights of the school year (enrolement ceremony, project days, open days, Christmas concert, speech or recitation contest, carnival, court festival, children's day celebration, art competition, sports day)
  • Successful participation of school teams in all urban open city competitions and contests
  • Arrangement of the city championships for primary schools in soccer
  • Presentation of field trips, teaching courses, walking days and school trips

School care for children of Primary School Weidenhof
Nursery Name: Schulkinderhaus Froebel Phone: 0331-870402
Schilfhof 29, 14478 Potsdam
Nursery carrier: Froebel gGmbH Potsdam Phone: 0331-9678050
Hebbelstr. 28, 14469 Potsdam