Zeppelin Primary School (23)

Primary schools

Sports-accented all-day education offers (OF)
Haeckelstr. 74
14471 Potsdam
Phone: 0331-2897520
Fax: 0331-2897521

Headmistress: Betti Bendyk
Deputy Head: Ute Goldberg

Focus on sports
The sporting profile or our school is suitable to all children. Especially for children who like to move and wants to benefit sporting offers to discover and develop their talents.

Education offers

  • Class 1 / 2 contact language English, protestant religious education
  • Class 3-6 English as foreign language, protestant religious education classes 3 and 4
  • Class 3-6 Individual learning time for doing homework and to support
  • Class 5-6 performance differentiation in the subjects German, mathematics, English
  • Class 5-6 performance differentiation (home work, chess, creative design, first aid)
  • Sports encouragement from Grade 1, basketball
  • From Grade 2 special education including reading weakness, dyscalculia, general assistance in the subjects German, mathematics, English
  • Class 3 / 4 support for the gifted - calculation foxes
  • Focus on Sports
  • 4 sports courses/hours a week
  • Close cooperation with sports federations
  • Regular consultation with the coaches
  • sports focused working groups

Environmental education

  • Lessons in the school garden (seeding, taking care, harvesting)
  • Design and performance of project days
  • Participation in energy saving program “Öko-Smart”
  • Visitation to the forest school
  • scrap metal collection in autumn and spring Traditions
  • -School –and sports festival, open days, christmas workshop, olympiads, chronicles, spring-clean, school chess tournament, class trips, participation in sports events, kite building Parents
  • Cooporation with parents in the classes and gremia
  • The supporting association promotes school festivals and interna
  • Workshop
  • Chess, library, soccer, cooking, music, keyboard, French, Russian,
  • Mediator, circus, athletic sports

Learning conditions

  • School buildings with generous open spaces, playground, table tennis tables, school garden, gymn
  • Special features
  • Classrooms, special classrooms (music, art, economy-labor-technology, English,
  • Social studies, physics, biology, geography / history), group rooms, computer cabinet,
  • chronicle, kitchen, library with approximately 4,000 books
  • Food supply and milk offers
  • Orientation days for future first graders in April / May 2011
  • Participation in competitions (reading competition, mathematics olympiads, school chess competition in English class 6, “Kangaroo Competition”, participating in various sports competitions)
  • Project days and festivals (environment, traffic education, health, Christmas shop, Sports Festival, Children's Day, summer party, spring cleaning, children's university, newspaper flirt, Europe project, project days)

School care for children of The Zeppelin Primary School
Nursery Name: Integration Kita „Sonnenland“ Phone: 0331-9098421
Knobelsdorffstr: 6 - 8, 14471 Potsdam
Nursery carrier: EJF - Lazarus gAG Phone: 030-76884217
King Str 28a, 12207 Berlin
Nursery “Einstein Kids”, Knobelsdorffstr. 7 14471 Potsdam Phone: 0331-9098421