Bildungsforum Potsdam

Am Kanal 47
14467 Potsdam

As the common house of the Stadt- und Landesbibliothek (SLB), Volkshochschule (VHS) and Wissenschaftstage (WIS) the Bildungsforum Potsdam provides an unique offer. For the first time you find education, media and science under one roof. This enables short ways: Whoever wants to visit the VHS in the evening, can borrow respective literature in the library beforehand or has the possibility to relax on a chair after having finished the course.

The opening of the Wissenschaftstage in the beginning of 2014 will complete the broad spectrum of the Bildungsforum.

Together we will offer common events for different age- and target groups:

  • Lernwerkstatt with different, supervised learning opportunities
  • Children´s world with an interactive wall of senses, leisure-oriented youth field, library for parents
  • Conference room for lectures, readings and discussions
  • Series of lectures about Brandenburg’s history and literature of SLB and VHS
  • “Lunchpaket”: enjoy your lunch time with musicians, writers, sportsmen and scientists

regular lecture “Potsdamer Köpfe