Evangelisches Gymnasium Hermannswerder

Secondary schools

with boarding school and all day care

Hermannswerder 18
14473 Potsdam
Phone: 0331-2313141
Fax No: 0331-2313143


Headmaster: Leif Berling
Deputy Head: Bettina Grothe
Legal Status: state approved alternative school
Boarding school: 60 boarding places

Information evening “Transition to year 5”: ..., assembly hall

Information evening “Transition to year 7”: ..., assembly hall

Partnerships with other schools

Poland: Protestant Liceum in Cieszyn
Netherlands: Amadeus – Lyceum in Utrecht
France: Lycée St. Vincent Providence Rennes
UK: Bromsgrove School, Bromsgrove
Brazil: Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro, Sao Paolo

Language Classes

SL: English (from year 5/ LuBK)
TL: Latin or French (from year 7)
(LuBK:) Latin from year 6
FL: Greek or French from 9

Advanced Classes on senior levels:

German, English, French, Latin, Greek, Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Religion, Music, Art, IT

School Profile

  • Protestant school profile
  • church services and weekly devotionals
  • open towards other religions
  • Religious Studies classes offered as an obligatory subject proper
  • Charity Work Experience in year 11


1. Focus on music and art

  • special classes for talented students (LuBK)
  • several (renowned) school choirs
  • Big-Band
  • Chamber Music Ensemble
  • all-year theatre project with all year 8 students
  • Drama/ Theatre Class offered as an elective courses from year 9 onto year 12

2. Classic and modern languages

  • Intermediate Latin certificate and Graecum
  • participation in foreign-language-contests
  • additional certifications for French (DELF) and English (Cambridge)

3. Afternoon activities/ Clubs

  • after school activities for students of years 5-9
  • homework help and remedial classes
  • various clubs: sports (Rowing, Sailing, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Canoeing and more), music and arts (choirs, Chamber Music Ensemble, Big-Band, Drama/Theatre, Sculpting, Drawing, Film, Pottery, Fashion Design), Biology Club, Chemistry Club, computer courses, School Zoo, Cooking and more...


  • Secondary school with 100 years of tradition in a beautiful landscape
  • individual support and talent promotion in a harmonic school climate
  • modern boarding school campus
  • modern science building with freshly equipped rooms
  • IT offered as an elective subject starting in year 9 and as an advanced course on secondary level
  • school-owned boat house at the river Havel
  • Bilingual sequences in biology (English/ German)
  • Class trips (years 5 to 7: School Camp, year 9: sailing trip to the Baltic or North Sea, year 10: students exchange with partner schools)
  • Study Trips in year 12 (e.g. Rome, Greece, Israel, Dublin, Prague, Vienna)
  • Friends' Association and alumni meetings
  • Cooperation with the parish, University of Potsdam, House of Brandenburg and Prussian History, Biotechnology Network Berlin-Brandenburg, Sport-Union Potsdam , the local sailing club, Knights of St. John and Diakoniegesellschaft Potsdam
  • repeatedly awarded school magazine “Tornowgraph”
  • Students' Cafe

School year Highlights

  • school enrolment service
  • graduation service and leavers' ball
  • theatre shows (club, elective subject, many courses in secondary classes)
  • 'Hermannswerder Evenings': frequent discussions, readings, concerts, ...
  • Choir trips and concerts (choir concert, chamber music evening, church music project)
  • reading contests and rhetorics contests
  • sporting competitions, e.g. School Triathlon

The school fee is graded according to the family