Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben-Comprehensive School (46)

Secondary schools

Ricarda-Huch-Straße 23-27
14480 Potsdam
Phone: 0331-2898100
Fax: 0331-2898101

Headmaster: Mr. Andrä
Deputy Head: Manuela Rintorf
Senior Grade Coordinator: Veronica Rau

Education offers
1st foreign language: English
2/3. foreign language: French, Russian, Spanish
Optional second foreign language. From grade 7: Natural Sciences, economy-technology-sports-work
Optional: computer science
from grade 9: 2nd foreign language, Russian / French / Spanish
i. e. ceramics, motor vehicle engineering, astronomy, art, artistic designs, computer science
senior grade level: particular subjects and courses: psychology, law, art and computer science as an extension course, rowing course and ski camps within the sports education and one-week trip in class 12.
Working groups: Rugby, keyboard, choir, guitar, karate, basketball, volleyball, soccer, aerobics, line-dancing, student café, Spanish, Aikido, school medical support, etc.

Why do I really want to come here?

  • All-day school: working hours, working groups, remedial lessons, homework room, conflict mediation, cafeteria, library ...
  • Schools with common classes: integration of disabled children – successful for 15 years, individual development, particularly in the fields of sports
  • School on the way to the common EUROPE:
  • Language courses: English, French, Russian, Spanish
  • Partnerships in France, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Gummersbach

Cooperation with
BuS e. V.
Cultural Workshop in Kirchsteigfeld e. V.
Brandenburg e. V. Association of Fine Artists
SC Potsdam: Integrating sports, sports orientation from grade 7
Youth Club OFFLINE: lunch and leisure offerings
Potsdam Municipal Music School
JOHANNITER - Unfallhilfe
Karate Club Potsdam I - Preußen e. V.
Urania, "Schulhaus"
USV Potsdam, Abt. Rugby
ALBA Berlin Basketball

Features and highlights
Cafeteria, library and computer-equipped reading room, four modern-equipped computer cabinets, teaching kitchen, ceramic workshop, conflict mediation, school social worker, support association, substitution schedule via the Internet, in-school olympics, designer of the “Russian Olympics”, Project "Togo", Education for Balanka
Block lessons from grades 7 to 13 Classes begin: 08:00