Gesamtschule Peter-Joseph-Lenné (38)

Secondary schools

Humboldtring 15–17
14473 Potsdam

Phone: 0331 289-7780
Fax: 0331 289-7781

Head: Andrea Roßland
Deputy Head: Ines Hebs
Senior Grade Coordinator: Ursula Scharfenberg

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Education offers

  • 1st foreign language: English
  • 2nd foreign language: Russian, French (from class 7)
  • 2nd foreign language: Russian, French, Latin (from class 9)
  • 3rd foreign language: French*, Latin*, Russian* (from class 9)
  • as required (minimum 15 participants)
  • optional subject (I) computer science!
  • from grade 7 2nd foreign language (4 hours per week), natural science (focus on biology/ecology)
  • optional subject (II) 2nd or 2rd foreign language
  • from grade 9: natural science (focus on ecology) (2 hours per week) Computer Science*, foreign language, arts* (4 hours per week)
  • as required (minimum 15 participants)
  • groups: choir, school radio, computer club, samba/percussion group, school band, photography, sports group

Special features

  • focus on computer science/natural science and on artistic/aesthetic fields - implementation of multimedia teaching and learning in all subject fields
  • consultant school in the project “Reformzeit”
  • implementation of an environmental internship in grade 7
  • formation of learning areas (social sciences)
  • differentiated learning in mathematics, German, English (7/8)
  • topical, interdisciplinary teaching projects
  • wide range of support programs in mathematics, English, German
  • implementation of projects, followed by an action day
  • specialized professional teaching days
  • social engagement “Thinking of others not just in Christmas time”
  • Intense contacts to partner schools in Derby (England), Stenlose (Denmark) and St. Jean de Luz (France)


  • effective teaching time regime (“block model” 90-minute intervals)
  • computer rooms with all-day use of multimedia and internet-enabled computers
  • school’s own gymn
  • school-owned boats
  • pleasant learning climate
  • high degree of transparency in all matters
  • senior grades:
  • advanced courses in the subjects: mathematics, German, English, computer science, biology, chemistry, art, history and geography* * as required (minimum 15 participants)
  • optional courses: law/role play
  • projects: “More performance in the extension course” with special lessons, internships, field trips
  • ski camp in class 11
  • study trip in the extension course in 12th grade
  • projects designed for study preparation. Partner of our school work:

Alumni Lenné (association of former students)
UNI Potsdam
Brandenburg Employers’ Association
Sport Boat Club “Havelland” Potsdam eV
Member of the “Group of Innovative Schools” by the Bertelsmann Foundation
Stadtwerke Potsdam
Barmer Ersatzkasse
Cabaret “Obelisk”
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Robert Bosch Stiftung
Potsdam Museum
Ausbildungsbrücke/Diakonisches Werk
Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse

Study College at the HPI