New Comprehensive School Babelsberg

Secondary schools

state-approved substitute school
ASG mbH (recognized school company)

Head: Cornelia Bartholomäus

Our goals are:

We are a comprehensive school and want to provide a way for children to the German “Abitur”, which gives them more time and allow "late bloomers" opportunities for development.

We want a solid career preparation, strong language, intense computer work and competent partner - and with the goal vocational extension certificate (10th grade, FOR) and Abitur (13th grade, GOST = Abitur)

We want to provide our students also a pleasant environment and a friendly and respectful coexistence.

Our offers:

  • stronger vocational focus - for example: practicing days and annual internships
  • stronger parental involvement - for example, by interviewing parents every six months
  • common school life - for example, by joint school celebrations such as the Christmas market in the Media Campus

Elective-mandatory classes: art, French, Spanish
Groups: e. g., homework assistance, special education, classic cartoon animation, storytelling workshop, school band, ...

Class size: we form classes with 20 (max. 24) students
School fees: The amount is made up by a base rate and an earnings-related individual amount

Our Specialties:

Homework: several times a week as part of the AG-offering

Close co-operation: for example, with the Babelsberg Film School

More information (and a look into school life):