Pierre de Coubertin Secondary School (39)

Gagarinstraße 5 - 7
14480 Potsdam
Phone: 0331 289-8080
Fax: 0331 289-8081
Secondary schools

All-Day school - with stronger vocational orientation

Headmistress: Christiane Ohlert
Deputy Head: Marion Worseck

Education offers
1st foreign language: English
2nd foreign language: Russian from grade 7
3rd foreign language: French from grade 9

Optional presentation and design (theatre/art)
from grade 7: sports (volleyball/soccer)
2nd foreign language Russian
Natural sciences
Economy - Labour - Technology (WAT)
Focus lessons in French
from grade 9: WAT, focusing PC - economics / home economics - handicrafts - ceramics
Sports with a focus on health sports
Art with a focus on selected chapters of art history experienced virtually
Practice learning for the 7th class: Social learning
Grades 7 to 10: (methods training, work on the PC)
Orientation days
8th class: Exploration of jobs, outlines, finding strength, practical work
9th class: all-day practical work on Wednesdays and project work in enterprises of the industry, in business, social fields and service facilities;
Large student internship at the school years end
10th grade: Project trip within the transition to working life
Small student internship
Special support education: Supporting pupils with diagnosed reading disabilities such as dyslexia (LRS) or maths weakness
Support to improve reading skills

All-day school
Obligatory for all: lessons for all grades 07:50 to 15:00 each day
Training lessons
Hours to do the homework under the guidance of the class teacher, which are integrated in the curriculum.
Working groups
Singing, computer (maintenance of the homepage), sports, wood workshop,
games, mosaic, decorative design, dance, hip hop, school band, arranged lunch break
Common obligatory lunch in the 7th and 8 classes. Hot meals may be eaten by 9th and 10 classes also in the School Club

Furthermore, many leisure activities to choose from: sports, fitness,
computer, art, learning studio, games, school club, singing, mediators, dance.

  • Swimming in class 7 as part of physical education
  • Ski camp in the Czech Republic
  • Member of the network "Opus 2000" - along the way to a health-promoting school;
  • “Reform Time School”
  • School Project "Hundertwasser" since 1996 - Carol singing; PdC-day, participation in athletic and artistic competitions ...