School International

Secondary schools

Ravensbergweg 30
14478 Potsdam Babelsberg
Tel: 0331 8873550

Managing Director – Edith Suter

Our school communicates in English everyday and is situated in the forest. We provide all day care.

We are a school with all-day care.

We are open from 07:00 – 18:00 except on Fridays when we close at 16:30

Our school has a unique feeling. It is surrounded on three sides by forestry which we utilise as an outside classroom. We pride ourselves on our individual, independent, calm teaching approach.

Fifty percent of our classes are English speaking with teachers who are mother tongue and fifty percent of them are German speaking, thus enabling the children to learn from each other.

We teach skills including English in a creative, playful manner.

Our fundamental teaching methods centre around mixed year groups enabling individual,independent and group work through projects and along side more structured topic work as and when the children need it

Through the following the children are able to progress and grow within a safe, secure, happy environment.

  • a calm structured working environment
  • flexible learning materials
  • a Montessori based approach
  • motivation using different ways and techniques to motivate
  • creativity through music, art, sport and differentiation
  • individuality looking at what the child needs in order to plan for their needs
  • self learning the ability to find out for themselves
  • child led with children participating in planning and decision making (through weekly student conference meetings)
  • meeting with parents so there are good home/school links

There is an Afternoon Programme (Hort) where children pursue their interests as well as taking on new ones.

Kita: Children's House which as a pre-school for children 3years – 6 years and Nursery School in addition to the Primary School.