Theodor Fontane Secondary School (51)

Zum Teufelssee 2/4
14478 Potsdam
Phone: 0331 289-8130
Fax: 0331 289-8131
Secondary schools

with primary level – all-day-care
(OF) and FLEX

Headmistress: Petra Siewert
Deputy Head: Birgit Rehbein
Primary Level Head (temporary): Daniel Tietz

Secondary school with primary level
A school open all-day offerings (including homework)

Education offers

  • Contact with the English language for pupils in the first and second Class/foreign language English from grade 3
  • Flexible school entry phase (FLEX) since 2002
  • All-day care
  • „Dwarf“-school for the prospective school beginners
  • Adaptation of our school profile to the Finnish school type, there is a seamless
  • transition from primary to secondary level education
  • Practicing open forms of teaching (Day- and weekly schedule, workshop, learning in stages, project work)
  • Teachers reading for pupils
  • Reading competition
  • Participation in the city, local, and countrywide competitions (art, sports, Mathematics, "best cyclists", etc.)
  • Many years of partnership with Polish children in Opole (every year, groups of pupils of our school travel to Opole - Polish pupils come to the Potsdam Kite Festival)
  • Orientation days for school, open day
  • Close contacts with the Library of “Waldstadt” and the Citizens' Initiative “Waldstadt”
  • Cooperation agreements with nurseries, the Library of the “Waldstadt” and with sports clubs
  • Support lessons for children with performance deficits (reading, writing)
  • Individual support for foreign-language children
  • Involvement of mediators in the school life
  • A diverse range of working groups
  • Sporting, musical and artistic orientation

Working groups in all-day education offers:
Computer, soccer, ball games, music, music lessons, pottery, dance, homework help, drawing and painting, school garden, young paramedic, young firefighters

Framework Conditions

  • Nursery care in the immediate neighbourhood
  • The furniture of the rooms and the room capacity can be used for different forms of learning such as individual, group and partner work, as well as a generous special room principle.
  • Modern playground, spacious and modern child-designed exterior with school garden and playing facilities
  • Compute rooms, teaching kitchen, library, new dance room, teaching workshop
  • Friendly and welcoming design of the School
  • Personnel Conditions
  • Highly motivated team of teachers, three special education teachers and one social worker
  • Speciality
  • About 13 full-time offers for all pupils of the primary level on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday until 15:30
  • In the integrated primary level English is taught as a contact language from class 1
  • Media cabinet with internet connection for all-day use
  • Our school has a completely renovated biology, physics and chemistry cabinet, a new dance room and a new assembly hall, a renovated sports facilities and a newly designed outdoor area
  • Reference school for the use of interactive boards (10 SMART-Boards)
  • Environmental Sciences School in Europe 2002/2003/2004
  • Project "mediator" since 2001
  • Support association " Freunde der Fontane-Schule "
  • Breakfast and lunch menu, since 2007 our pupils drink milk
  • Internet connection
  • Future taster days by request Phone 0331 289 81 30
  • Detailed information about all the offers on the school homepage

After-school care of children of Secondary School Theodor Fontane
Nursery Name: Kita "Zauberwald" Phone: 0331-870406
Liefelds Grund 27/29, 14478 Potsdam
Nursery carrier: VSB Kinder- und Jugendhilfe gGmbH Phone: 0331-870406
Liefelds Grund 27/29, 14478 Potsdam
kita.zauberwald @
Nursery Name: Kita "Spatzenhaus" Phone: 0331-870232
Sonnentaustr. 2 / 4, 14478 Potsdam
Nursery carrier: AWO Kinder- und Jugendhilfe Potsdam gGmbH Phone: 0331- 581480
Schopenhauerstr. 31/32, 14467 Potsdam