Waldorf School Potsdam

Erich-Weinert-Straße 5
14478 Potsdam
Phone: 0331 972077
Fax: 0331 87000380
Secondary schools

Managing Director: Simone Sonntag

Waldorf school with all known Waldorf characteristics, such as:
the Main Lesson, two foreign languages from the first class, eurythmy, drama, detailed verbal reports.
No repeating a year. Artistic, practical and academic subjects in a balanced mixture.

Special features
On the school grounds there is a Waldorf-Kindergarten, thus providing an education and extra-curricular activities from two to nineteen years (Year 13).
For classes 1-4 there is an after-school club available in the afternoon.
The Waldorf School Potsdam is a modern, future-oriented model school for cross-class and interdisciplinary project work and portfolio work. Thereby the pupils also learn to present themselves and their work in front of an audience.
The “Moving Classroom” in the lower school with a child-friendly timetable and furniture leads to a project-focused intermediate and secondary level in which the essence is in the focus: the attainment of adulthood.
As an all-day-school, the Waldorf School Potsdam offers education from 7:30 to 15:10.
After the lessons, after-school clubs are on offer.

After-school clubs: orchestra, school band, basketball, unicycle, circus, theatre,
As part of the curriculum through the 7th to 12 class, internships in the fields of agriculture, forestry, land surveying, social affairs, industry, art and architecture can are completed.
In addition, individual foreign exchanges are possible during term time.

The following qualifications may be pursued at the Waldorf School in Potsdam:
Vocational readiness/secondary school
Advanced training maturity/extended secondary school
High school/College student
High school with permission to attend the senior grade level
High School Graduation
Graduation/Abitur (university entrance examinations)

Kindergarten: Phone: 0331-87000381