Schiller Primary School Sternfeld

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Sternstraße 68
14480 Potsdam

Phone: 0331-6009301
Fax: 0331-6009305
Headmistress: Mrs. Kramp
Deputy Head: Nadine Gärtner

In addition to the usual Brandenburg school curriculum legal basics, we define our educational mission in a high degree of individualization that applies in various characteristics of the school:
We are an approved "Reliable half-day primary school," but with a number of additional all-day services (opening times Monday to Thursday: 7:15 to 17:30, Friday until 16:30, on holidays Monday to Friday 8:00 to 16:00).
In our facility, not more than 15 children are learning in one class. Due to the small number of pupils, who are specifically supported in their homework, the learning offer "learning to learn", working groups and conventional teaching methods beyond the usual limits with further differentiation hours, we support our pupils with special conditions for individual learning.

Education offers
English is taught right from the first class as a contact language. If English is taught in the third class as a regular subject, we start with the second foreign language - optional French or Spanish.
Cognitive training is just a task at schools, at least as important to us seems to be social education. We appreciate the all-day services not just as a versatile specific promotion or as "just" a non-specific care of children. In extracurricular common activities lies -concerning social skills - often underestimated great potential.
In this field of education, also the close contact with animals on our school grounds can be classified. Children are learning responsibility already at an early stage while taking care of animals.
Another order for school is education. This is also supported by a temporary partnership between parents and school. It reflects, for example, in the committee work, but also in a significant parental involvement. I.e. in our supporter association „Schiller Sternchen“.

Special highlights in school life are project days, annual school trips (reading night in Class 1), musical performances and participation in various extra-curricular educational activities and competitions.
According to our conception, our classes get an extra hour of instruction in German and mathematics once a week, which gained increased importance since the introduction of the new transition process in the secondary schools (UE7) with its central comparative studies in the sixth grade.
Since the school year 2010/11, we have a preschool again.
The school care is part of the all-day offer.
We are proud of our friendly atmosphere and are looking forward to seeing curious children and parents „sniffing“.