Humboldt-Gymnasium (1)

Secondary schools

Project partner of the Goethe Institute in "Schools in Transition" – all-day school

Heinrich-Mann-Allee 103
14473 Potsdam
Phone: 0331-2897870
Fax: 0331-2897871

Headmistress: Dr. Carola Gnadt
Deputy Head: Lutz Blum
Senior Grade Coordinator: Beate Czech

Humboldt Gymnasium -where high expectations and joy in learning are combined.

Languages ​​Offered
1st foreign language: English
2nd foreign language: Latin, French, Spanish
3rd foreign language: Latin / French / Spanish / Russian, (depending on the choices of the year group)

We proceed from the uniqueness of personality, whereby the diversity of personalities reflects the richness of the school.


  • Long school tradition (founded in 1822, 1946 named after the brothers of Humboldt, 1991 Grammar school)
  • Broad profile without early specialization
  • School climate supports personal development and positive performance (countrywide top positions in central examinations and comparisons as well as at competitions) (Holds positions at the top of countrywide league tables in central examinations and competitions)
  • 650 pupils and 50 teachers, building in 3 parts, sports hall and sports facilities, lunch and break refreshment areas.


  • Finalist in the school award in 2006 (in competition with 481 schools)
  • Successful participation in the projects "quality makes a school," "school in transition" and SEIS, excellent result in the school supervision
  • "Base of gifted education" in cooperation with the primary school “Am Priesterweg”
  • Performance and gifted classes
  • Open all-day activities


  • "Learning to learn" (annual cycle of the learning workshop for the school Olympics)
  • "Strengthening strengths - weakening weaknesses" (individualization of teaching and learning),
  • "Challenging support" - demanding learning goals and challenging learning processes
  • Successful participation in debating competitions (Maths Olympiad, Kangaroo, Day of Mathematics in Berlin, biology, chemistry and physics working groups, Speech-Olympics, youth debating contests, youth training for the Olympics, youth makes music, Big Challenge, Odyssey of the Mind )
  • Gifted education in the sense of multiple intelligences in ADDITUM/all-day education: Info, -Maths,-, Biology-, -Chemistry -Academy, -legal studies, -film- working group, in-house studio, school radio, art workshop, theatre group, conversation & debating club , technology working group, LEGO Mindstorms, Russian for beginners, project Prix des Lycéens, creative program "Odyssey of the Mind", tennis, basketball, volleyball, juggling, climbing AG, oriental dance, chess
  • Individual support (from private tutoring to support for gifted pupils, including the encouragement of special and gifted students through varied activities and measures)


  • Cooperation agreements with the University of Potsdam, Rolls-Royce Germany, Educational Institute of Economics in Berlin and Brandenburg, the Institute of Management Consultancy, VDI, Havel Film Babelsberg, Institut Français (DELF), Potsdam Tennis Club Rot-Weiß, Akademie 2. Lebenshälfte
  • Cooperation with the International Centre for Gifted Research in Münster and school psychologists in Potsdam,
  • Partner schools in France (Lille), USA (Sioux Falls), Russia (St. Petersburg), China (Shanghai)


  • Introductory school trip in class 5 or 7 to the Youth Training Centre Blossin
  • Rhetoric training "Youth debates" training in years 8 and 11,
  • work experience placement in class 9, work experience placement (business-technology-science) in class 11
  • Language and study trips, DSP and ski camp
  • Annual training workshop, including experts and graduates
  • School Olympiads (German, arts / music, maths, etc, foreign languages ​​in grades 5 to 10; fitness Test 5 - 12; jurors are students themselves
  • Academic and vocational orientation (science week, taster study, application training with Rolls Royce Germany),
  • Presentation of experiences from the year abroad
  • Traditional events (training for the class representatives, theatre days in English, theatre subscriptions, Cinéfête, alumni meetings, talent shows, Christmas concerts and carol singing, soccer/ football tournament) - Active supporter association (Humboldt-Ball, field trip "A Day with a former Humboldtian" Sponsor of the "Humboldt Award" for outstanding commitment)