Leibniz-Gymnasium (41)

Secondary schools

Address: Galileistraße 2 – 4, 14480 Potsdam
Telephone: 0331 289-7700
Fax: 0331 289-7701
E-mail: sekretariat@leibniz-gymnasium.de

Principal: Uwe Schmidt
Vice principal: Uwe Sommerfeld
Coordinator of the senior level curriculum: Barbara Schmolk

  • Educational grant for particularly gifted pupils (‘Advanced Classes’, scientific-artistic profile)
  • Advanced educational classes also at elementary school level (year 5 and 6 since 2001)

Educational Scheme
Foreign languages
- 1st language: English
- 2nd language: Spanish (starting year 7), French (starting year 7)
- 3rd language: Latin (starting year 9)
(offers foreign languages depending on student’s choice)

Computer science
year 5-9 or 7-9 (completely networked school)

Elective subjects starting from year 9
Natural Sciences/ Performance Studies/ English/ Computer Science

Experimental School
(German children and youth foundation in cooperation with Robert Bosch Foundation)

  • Reform age – children’s individual support
  • School development in cooperation with the Bielefeld Laboratory School (North Rhine-Westphalia’s experimental school at the University of Bielefeld)
  • European School Family (founding member since 1991)
  • multilateral school developmental project – international exchange and projects in Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway and Poland

- optimal campus location due to close proximity of school building to library, playing field, gymnasium, indoor swimming bath, part of the musical school, spacious schoolyards with sports facilities, open grounds due to proximity to a nearby residential area

General information
- no differentiation in year 7 but it is possible to distinguish oneself by taking educational opportunities in scientific, artistic and linguistic directions

Highlights during the school year

  • open and informational school days
  • scientific project week in year 12
  • days of career perspectives in upper secondary education – study is worth the effort!
  • days of science in upper secondary education
  • Christmas concert
  • Winter ball
  • graduation ball
  • courtyard festival
  • project days in lower secondary education
  • participation in choir competitions
  • theater plays by ‘Leibnizkekse’
  • Spanish day


  • study-groups for outstanding pupils in Biology/Chemistry, English, Mathematics/Physics and Spanish
  • computer science
  • choir
  • pop dance
  • soccer
  • volleyball
  • running
  • cooking
  • theatre and dance
  • school magazine
  • creative writing
  • school radio
  • swimming
  • school club
  • music theatre
  • Odyssey of the Mind (OM)
  • juggling

Upper level Gymnasium
- advanced courses: Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Art, German, English, History, Geography, Spanish

special basic courses
- Psychology, Law, Performance Studies
- Potsdam University, Fraunhofer Institute, AOK Land Brandenburg, elementary school ‘Am Pappelhain’, Griebnitzsee school, elementary school ‘Weidenhof’, elementary school ‘Am Priesterweg’

Further Specialities

  • school magazine ‘Therapy’
  • participation in ‘Social Day’
  • successful participation in the Olympiads of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry
  • successful participation in the competition ‘Odyssey of the Mind’ (World finals)
  • class trips and getting-to-know-days in year 5 and 7
  • active booster club ‘Leibniz Gymnasium e.V.’
  • active representatives of parents
  • supply of food (LUNA) and cafeteria
  • block instruction (90min.)

Being the central element of the outstanding development project "Campus Stern" the Leibniz-Gymnasium was completely redeveloped between 2006 and 2009.
In the course of the redevelopment the entire school area was being redesigned: Next to the new schoolyards most modern leisure facilities have been created, meeting the needs of pupils of all ages.