Schiller Gymnasium Potsdam

Fritz-Lang-Str. 15
14480 Potsdam
Phone: 0331 9513 661
Fax: 0331 9513 662
Secondary schools

Headmaster: Dipl.-Des. Andrew W. Mohry
Deputy Head: Raiko Ritzka
OsKo: Matthias Vetter
MisKo: Georg Meyer

Education offers
1st foreign language: English
2nd foreign language: optional from grade 7: French, Latin, Russian, Spanish
Language changes starting from grade 10 (new 2nd foreign language) Chinese, French, Latin, Russian, Spanish
Options: Grades 9 and 10:
Computer science, drama, art, philosophy, psychology, music, economics
Afternoon clubs offers: in the fields of music, art, linguistic and sports, changing annually
All-day school 8:20 to 15:05 - on request to 16:55
As an all-day-school, the Schiller Gymnasium Potsdam offers in a comprehensive way the opportunity for pupils of grades 7-10 from all over the world to work towards the German Abitur.
Class size only with 15 pupils and special learning opportunities. It is usually limited to 15 pupils. Thereby an intensive and inclusive learning with an optimized support for the individuality of pupils is made possible. Furthermore, we callenge and encourage our students in the consultation hours and homework support.
In the consultations, we offer individual support in the subjects German, mathematics, English and a second foreign language. The pupils receive professional competent support if necessary from our teachers - an offer that is not just asked for by lower-performing pupils.
The logbook: weekly dialogue between school and parents
A logbook specifically “tailored” to our school ensures sharing information between parents and class management. It is updated daily and signed weekly. It is tested to encourage and challenge the independence of the pupils, since they are recording their own learning objectives and their achievement. Especially in grades 7-10, this is a proven tool of communication, in order to "pull together".

Interim report and parents consultation days
Both for the pupils as well as for parents it is important to continuously monitor and evaluate performance. Therefore we give "interim report" performance overviews of the quarterly periods in autumn and spring, giving parents a basis for the conversation for the following consultation days after the interim report.

Integration and teamwork
On the basis of humanistic education and the training objectives of a secondary school (Gymnasium), German and international adolescents live together and learn to integrate themselves in our society respect for different beliefs and cultures.
Courses of the upper school - interest in the individual goal
Educational goal of our school is that every pupil develops as an individual during their school days, develops talents and compensates weaknesses. This is also reflected in the senior grade course offers. In addition to all the standard subjects, special courses such as philosophy, economics, drama and psychology are offered.
Within the statutory requirements, the students choose freely from the extensive range of courses according to their interests. A fundamental compulsion in the form of "tracks" does not exist.

School fees
The monthly tuition includes homework help in grades 7 to 10 and consultation hours for all grades. A reduction in school fees for families with many children and social hardship cases can be considered.
Foreign contacts, classes and course trips
With regular scheduled trips abroad and the establishment of cooperation and sister schools, we enable our students to apply the acquired knowledge of foreign languages and become more familiar with other cultures. Thus, the Schiller Gymnasium has been proven travel-happy in the school year 2010/11. School trips and scheduled trips led to New York, London, Barcelona, Paris, but also to Schwerin.
The right mix is the key: A strong team of young and experienced teachers
About 75 secondary school teachers teach at our school with an average age of around 38 years. We are in close contact with the Department of Teacher Training of the University of Potsdam. We are currently developing our role as a training school in pedagogical and methodogical issues.
Transparent classroom and open house day
For pupils who are interested in admission in a new seventh class, we offer a so-called “orientation day”. Thus, the future secondary school pupils become more familiar with our school and they may also get to know future classmates.
We invite you to find out more about us. On the open house day in the spring and at our summer festival in late June, we are also available without direct appointment. The current schedule can be found on our website.
Or just make an individual appointment with our school administration.
We look forward to seeing you!