Sportschule Potsdam Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (55)

Zeppelinstraße 115
14471 Potsdam
Phone: 0331 289-8200
Fax: 0331 289-8201
Secondary schools

Headmaster: Mrs Dr. Gerloff
Deputy Headmaster: Mrs Schlesewsky
Head of Sixth Form: Mrs Evelyn Vollbrecht

Education offers

A High Performing Specialist School for Sports
plus boarding house, with 400 beds in double rooms and school canteen, full board

Vocational training in ten different competitive sports - compulsory optional subjects:
1. track and field athletics
2. swimming
3. rowing
4. canoeing
5. football (female)
6. handball (male)
7. volleyball (female)
8. modern pentathlon
9. judo
10. triathlon (from year 9 on)

Wider Curriculum:

  • further educational offers beside the normal curriculum at German schools:
  • Foreign languages:
  • 1st: English (from year 7 on)
  • 2nd: French, Russian (according to demand from year 9 on)
  • 3rd: French, Russian, Spanish (according to demand from year 11 on)

Extra curricular activities, clubs and mentoring

  • science, choir, music band, music lessons, art, creative design, drama, information technology, school magazine, film
  • homework mentoring, individual support for top athletes according to their educational needs

Educational trips:

  • year 7: school trip (different destinations with the aim: “getting to know each other”)
  • year 9-10: Poland (Zielona Gora), Great Britain (London)
  • year 11: Germany (Weimar )
  • year 11-12: Finland (Helsinki)
  • year 12-13: Mozambique (Maputo/Matola)
  • year 12-13: France (Paris) and skiing trip to Italy

Special courses and offers in sixth form:

  • advanced course in sports (“Leistungskurs”)
  • course to acquire a personal trainer certification (C - coaching license)
  • course in information technology (focus on new media, communication)
  • educational psychology
  • drama
  • possibility for competitive athletes to prolong their studies in the sixth form up to 4 years


  • a reference of the regional association about the student’s athletic aptitude in one of the ten compulsory optional subjects
  • academic and physical entry exam

Sports specialties:

  • close cooperation between school and the Olympic Training Centre, local sports clubs as well as regional and federal sports associations
  • all school and sports facilities in close vicinity
  • use of all sports facilities within the sport school area “Luftschiffhafen”
  • training camps in Germany and abroad
  • medical mentoring
  • career advice

special sports curriculum in the 10 compulsory optional subjects: Physical education / compulsory optional subjects / elective courses (not graded