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Secondary schools

babelsberger filmgymnasium
International School
recognized substitute school
Großbeerenstraße 189
14482 Potsdam
Telefon: 0331 704 556 31
Telefax: 0331 704 556 39

Headmaster: Michael Rißleben
Deputy Headmaster: Hans-Jürgen Elschner
Senior grade coordinator: Janina Boerner
Middle level coordinator: Susanne Kaul

The “babelsberger filmgymnasium” is a private, state-accredited, coeducational day school located straight across “Medienstadt-Babelsberg” station and nearby “Filmapark Babelsberg”. Our special profiles include a focus on film and dance as well as a bilingual program starting in year 8. Students of the “bfg” can acquire the university entrance qualification (“Abitur”) in their senior year (12th grade).

Our educational program responds to and reflects the changing community and world around us. While our teachers are committed to challenging the students intellectually and socially, our film coordinators, arts and music departments foster students’ interest in media and the fine performing arts. In addition, we are dedicated to preparing our students for the world of work by offering a number of preparatory experiences in a variety of business sectors.

Extracurricular activities include dance, a school band, a choir, a radio-team, a school magazine and, of course, film. The latter can be chosen as an optional basic course for the “Abitur”, for which students receive an additional certificate.

Because of its location close to the “Filmpark Babelsberg” and the “Film and Television University” (HFF), cooperation between these two institutions and our school is well-established. We also cooperate with “Thalia” cinema in Potsdam-Babelsberg and other institutions in the region.

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